How to Tie on Cloud Speed Laces

Assuming you would like tips on how to quickly tie your shoes: 1. Cross one lace over the the other lace halfway up the laces. 2. Take the end of the “over” lace and put it over the “under” lace.

Now poke it underneath the “under” lace. 3. Hold on to the ends of both laces and pull tight. The cross should now be close to the shoe.

4. Take the “over” lace and make a small loop, or ‘bunny ear’. This “over” bunny ear should have a long tail. 5. Make the same loop with the “under” lace and cross the middle of the “over” bunny ear with the “under” bunny eartail.

6. Put your fingers inside both loops, then grab hold of both tails and pull tight. You’ve now tied them in a knot!

  • Start by threading one end of the laces through the top eyelet on the left side of the shoe
  • Cross the laces over to the right side and thread them through the second eyelet from the top
  • Pull the laces tight and tie a basic knot underneath both eyelets
  • Take the left lace and make a small loop, or “bunny ear”
  • This “bunny ear” should have a long tail
  • 5 Cross the long tail of the “bunny ear” over the other lace, making an X shape
  • Then tuck it underneath itself (towards your shoe)
  • 6 Take hold of both ends of this newly formed “bunny ear” and pull tight
  • You’ve now tied one side of your bow! 7 Repeat steps 4-6 on the other lace to form a second bow on that side

How to Tighten Speed Laces on Cloud

Do you have a pair of Cloud shoes with speed laces? If so, you might be wondering how to tighten them. Here’s a step-by-step guide:

1. Insert the end of the lacing through the eyelet from the inside out. 2. Pull on the lacing until it is tight against the shoe. Make sure that there are no slack areas.

3. Repeat this process for all of the eyelets on the shoe. 4. Once you reach the top of the shoe, tuck in any excess lacing and trim off any excess with a pair of scissors.

How to Tie on Cloud Speed Laces

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How Do You Install Speed Laces?

Installing speed laces is a relatively simple process that can be completed in just a few minutes. The first step is to thread the lace through the bottom eyelet of the shoe, making sure to leave enough slack so that it can be pulled tight later on. Next, thread the lace through the next two eyelets in an alternating pattern (i.e. left to right, then right to left).

Once you reach the top of the shoe, tie a knot in the lace to secure it in place. To tighten the laces, simply pull on both ends until they are snug against your foot. You can then use the plastic toggle at the end of the laces to lock them in place, which will prevent them from coming undone during use.

When you’re ready to take your shoes off, simply depress the toggle and loosen the laces accordingly.

How Do Speed Laces Work?

Speed laces are a type of shoe lace that is designed to be pulled tight with one hand. The laces are made of a material that is less likely to frayed or break, and they have a locking mechanism that keeps the laces from coming undone. To use speed laces, you simply pull on the ends of the laces until they are tight, then push the locking mechanism into place.

To loosen the laces, you just need to press the release button on the lock and pull on the laces. Speed laces are great for people who have trouble tying their shoes, or for those who want to get in and out of their shoes quickly.

Do All on Clouds Come With Speed Laces?

No, not all shoes that are advertised as “on clouds” come with speed laces. In fact, very few do. The vast majority of on cloud shoes have traditional laces that need to be tied in a knot.

However, there are a handful of on cloud models that come with speed laces. These include the On Cloudflow and the On Cloudace. If you’re looking for an on cloud shoe with speed laces, be sure to check out these two models.

How Do You Tie off Elastic Laces?

If you’re looking to tie off your elastic laces, there are a few different methods you can use. The most common method is to simply tie a knot in the laces. This will work for most people, but if you find that the knot is coming undone frequently, you can try one of the other methods below.

Another method is to thread the end of the lace through the hole at the end of the aglet (the plastic or metal tip on the end of the shoelace). Then, make a loop with the lace and pull it tight. You can then tuck the loose end under the loop before pulling it tight again.

This method works well if you have trouble keeping knots tied in your laces. Finally, you can use a locking device called an “endlock” to secure your elastic laces. These devices are small plastic pieces that fit over the ends of your laces and lock them into place.

Endlocks are available at most stores that sell shoe accessories and can be easily installed by following directions on the package.

How To Tighten On Cloud Speed Laces | My Elasticated Laces Tip For You!


Assuming you would like a summary of the blog post titled “How to Tie on Cloud Speed Laces”: In order to tie your shoes with Cloud Speed Laces, start by threading one side of the lace through the hole on the other side. Then, take the end of the lace and put it through the loop that is created.

Next, pull on both sides of the laces until they are tight and secure. Finally, knot the laces together in order to keep them from coming undone.

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